About The Coffee Editor

Burhan Hamid | The Coffee Editor



I’m Burhan and I am The Coffee Editor.

I fell in love with specialty coffee in 2014 when I first tasted a New Orleans cold brew at Blue Bottle coffee in Rockefeller Center. That experience, along with my general desire to take things apart and put them back together sent me on a journey to learn everything there was to know about coffee. 

I have traveled the world in pursuit of coffee knowledge. I’ve taken Barista training in Italy, visited coffee farms (fincas) in Costa Rica, I’ve observed the precision and care with which coffee is prepared in Japan, and I have launched two office cafes. Through all of this, I have come to appreciate that coffee sourcing, roasting, and preparation is analogous to the way an Editor takes words and carefully crafts them into the perfect sentences, paragraphs, and ultimately, stories.

What I hope to bring to you, through Coffee Editor, is an experience that is the culmination of all that I have learned, carefully crafted into the perfect roasts of ethically sourced, specialty coffee. Where possible, I’d like to tell the stories behind the coffees that we source so that you can join me in this journey.

With much gratitude.